Downloadhaus.com is focused on bringing you the best free software (mostly open source) that is free from popups, toolbars and waiting line queues. Get the software you need for the task at hand in less time with no money (aka free).


  • Only the best free software
  • All software is 100% spyware, adware & virus free
  • Editorial reviews of every application
  • Fast servers all over the world using CDN (content delivery network)
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  • Tutorials for each application [coming soon]
  • Pause & resume downloading with download manager [coming soon]


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Software Submissions

Are you the developer of free or open source software that you would like listed & reviewed on downloadhaus.com? Complete the contact form and include the name of your software and a URL to access. If you do not have a website we recommend uploading to GitHub and sending us your GitHub URL for the program you want submitted.


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