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Blender is a robust 3D modeling suite which includes various modeling tools including rigging, solid surfaces, animation as well as rendering and game creation.

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    Blender Review

    Blender is a powerful 3D content creation suite, allowing you to create 3D models and animation. It includes a vast array of 3D creation tools including 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, particle simulation and more. It also includes a fully customizable interface. You can further customize features by using the Python-based scripting tool.

    Favorite Features


    Blender offers a fully customizable interface. If you are used to other 3D rendering applications like Maya or Autodesk, or simply want to rearrange the interface, you can do so. Blender allows you to undo any operation at any level and offers a consistent interface no matter what platform you are using the application on.

    Modeling and Animation

    Blender is a very powerful modeling application which includes a wide array of 3D modeling tools. Modeling features include solid surface modeling, model rigging for posable models and animation tools. For example, the Cycles Render Engine allows you to create visuals with a natural-looking light. Blender also includes a game creation engine, allowing you to port your project into various game run time environments.


    If you know Python, you can create your own scripts to make custom features for Blender. Even if you are unable to write an extension yourself, Blender has an active community of hobbyists and professionals that are continually creating new extensions that may suit your needs.

    Tips for New Users

    If you are a new user, take advantage of Blender’s extensive documentation to familiarize yourself with Blender’s interface.

    If you are familiar with 3D rendering software, take the time to learn the interface. The fully customizable interface allows you to optimize Blender to suit your workstyle.

    Areas for Improvement

    Blender’s interface can seem daunting at first, particularly if you are a brand new user with little to no previous experience with 3D rendering applications. While Blender has extensive text tutorials at the website, a walk through tutorial project through the application may be valuable for newbies.


    Blender is an extremely powerful 3D animation tool but it is not for the faint of heart. Novices to both the program and 3D modeling may be overwhelmed initially but intermediate and advanced users will delight in the all possibilities that Blender holds.

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