BZFlag 2.4

BZFlag is a free online multiplayer 3D tank battle game similar to “capture the flag.”


    BZFlag Review

    Have you ever wanted to drive around in a tank, blowing up everything in sight? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Now you can with BZFlag, a free online multiplayer 3D tank battle game. The name is an abbreviation of “Battle Zone Capture the Flag,” which is exactly what BZFlag is. Two teams of tanks battle each other in a race to be the first to capture the other team’s flag. Think of it as playing paintball with tanks. Your colorful tank must blow up other tanks in a 3D war zone of explosions and chaos, and it’s all free with BZFlag.

    Favorite Features

    BZFlag lets you play three different types of tank battle games. The default is a “free for all” or “FFA,” in which the object is to destroy all of the tanks on the other team before they can destroy you. You can also play a traditional game of “capture the flag,” called “capping,” where you fight through the other team’s tanks to capture their flag before they can get to yours. The third type of game is a “rabbit hunt,” in which one tank is a white “rabbit” tank, and all of the others are orange “hunter tanks.” The hunter tanks chase the rabbit tank in order to destroy it before it destroys them. Join an online team and choose whichever type of game you want to play. BZFlag’s low system requirements and multiplatform format mean anyone can become a 3D tank-destroying machine. The game’s clean “retro” feel makes it easy to see your way through the battlefield, and keeps loading times low.

    Tips for New Users

    Visit BZFlag’s wiki for information on how to get started, from installing the game to joining a team and controlling your tank. A forum is also available for tips and advice from experienced BZFlag players, as well as mailing lists where you can receive answers to your questions.

    Areas of Improvement

    BZFlag was developed by a team of volunteers who are constantly at work fixing bugs, adding features, and working to enhance the gameplay experience. It is possible that you may encounter a bug, or other issue, while playing BZFlag. Visit the “Common Support Issues” page in the BZFlag wiki for help with some of the most commonly reported issues.


    What could be more fun that driving around in your own personal tank, blowing up other tanks, and leaving a path of destruction? BZFlag puts you in the driver’s seat of a 3D tank in an online multiplayer battle for total domination. Play “capture the flag” with tanks, chase a “rabbit” tank, or just start a free for all and blast away at the other team’s tanks. With clean graphics and low system requirements, anyone can start a BZFlag team and join the battle. So read up on the rules in BZFlag’s wiki, then download BZFlag and start controlling your own 3D tank today.

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