Calibre 0.8.63

Calibre is a robust e-book management tool that helps you organize your e-book library, convert and sync e-books and websites to your device.


    Calibre is a full-featured e-book management application. At the heart of Calibre is the library management system, which allows you to categorize and sort your e-book library via a variety of different criteria. Calibre also has a powerful conversion system that can convert to and from most types of e-book file formats.

    Favorite Features

    Library Management

    Calibre offers a very comprehensive library manager that allows you to sort by Title, Author, Date Added, Date Published, Size, Rating and Series. You can also tag books with keywords or add comments like a personal description or notes. Calibre can download additional information on the book like cover images via ISBN or author data.

    Ebook Conversion

    Calibre has a robust e-book converter that supports a wide variety of e-book file formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and TXT. You can choose from a variety of presets to quickly convert your e-books or you can choose to manage every aspect of the conversion, including font size and table of content management.

    Device Management

    If you have more than one e-book reader that you share e-books between, Calibre has you covered. You can easily share e-books stored within Calibre by right clicking on the title and choosing to upload to the device of your choice.


    If you have an older e-book reader that is not Internet connected, the news reader function of Calibre is a great addition. Calibre downloads news items from around the web and loads them directly to your e-book reader. You can choose from a selection of news sites in Calibre or you can create your own.

    Tips for New Users

    If you are an avid e-book collector, streamline adding books into Calibre by setting up Automatic Adding. To do this, navigate to the “Add books” icon in Calibre and choose the “Control adding books” option and choose the “Automatic Adding” tab. Specify the folder that you want to automatically add books from. Whenever you add a book to this folder, it will automatically populate into Calibre.

    Areas for Improvement

    While the news reader portion of Calibre is a welcome addition if you have an older e-book reader that is not Internet connected, the management of the newsfeeds within Calibre is somewhat confusing. Calibre’s tool for creating custom news feeds (called “recipes”) is powerful but not very straightforward. The “recipe” for the custom news feeds is a collection of one or more RSS feeds. A few tooltips on the recipe creation tool could be very helpful for less savvy users.


    Calibre is a powerful, well thought out e-book manager. Its core components of a library manager and file conversion tool are absolutely to notch, making Calibre a must have application for anyone with an e-book reader device.

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