Camstudio 2.6

CamStudio captures audio and screen activity on your Windows machine and converts it to video which you can then save in either AVI or SWF format.


    CamStudio is a screen casting tool that allows you to record your Windows activity as a video file. This versatile tool allows you to choose your screen cast style, including what region you are recording as well as the effects in your screen cast. Using CamStudio SWF Producer, you can record or convert your files into web-friendly SWF format.

    Favorite Features

    Recording Options

    CamStudio allows you to define the area that you want to record. You can choose to record the full screen, a window, or a region of the screen. You can provide a voice over for your screencast or provide screen captions.

    Screencast Effects

    CamStudio Recorder has a wide variety of effects you can use on your screencast including an autopan effect that follows your cursor; different colors for a right or left click; cursor customization; and screen annotations. You can also watermark your screencast with a .jpg or .png file.

    SWF Support

    The CamStudio application includes the main program, CamStudio Recorder, and CamStudio SWF Producer which is the conversion application. You can choose to record your screencast as an SWF or you can choose to convert it later using the SWF Producer.

    Tips for New Users

    Prioritize setting up your keyboard options after installing CamStudio. Click on the “Display screen annotations dialog” icon on the CamStudio toolbar. From the Screen Annotations dialog box, click on the Objects menu and choose “Layout Shortcuts”. This will open the Layout Shortcuts window which will allow you to customize hot keys for CamStudio, which can help you more easily navigate the program while you are recording.

    Areas for Improvement

    CamStudio has a weak user interface and functionality is driven primarily by the application menu. You have the option of customizing keyboard shortcuts but the menu is not easily accessible nor is it intuitive to get to. Likewise, the toolbar is sparse, offering only the basic Record, Pause, Stop and toggling between AVI and Flash recording. There is no option to customize the toolbar for easier use.


    CamStudio is a versatile application that allows you to create Windows based screencasts but its versatility is hampered by a less than intuitive interface. Novice users may find CamStudio hard to use initially; however, a dedicated person can master the clunky interface will find that CamStudio is well worth the download to produce quality screencasts.

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    Technical Details

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