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ClamWin is a free, simple antivirus program for Windows that lets you schedule regular virus scans to keep your computer protected.



    ClamWin Review

    Over the years, antivirus programs have grown and mutated into expensive juggernauts, installing unwanted extra components, annoying users with constant popups and eating computer memory for breakfast. While paying the high price for one of these programs may lock up your computer tighter than Fort Knox, it can be cumbersome, and end up causing more problems than it solves. That’s why there’s ClamWin, a free simple antivirus program that scans for and removes viruses without being obtrusive. You can use ClamWin to regularly scan your hard drive, individual files and e-mail attachments in Microsoft Outlook and it promises to never get on your nerves.

    Favorite Features

    If you’re the type of person who wants to just scan for viruses and call it a day, you’ll love ClamWin. With scheduled scans, you can set it and forget it. Schedule ClamWin to scan your whole hard drive, specific files, or programs stored in your computer’s memory. Integrate it with Microsoft Outlook, and it will scan e-mail attachments as they arrive. Integrate it with Windows Explorer, and you can easily right-click and scan any file. You can set size limits on files so ClamWin never takes too long to scan, or filter out certain file types by extension. The scans are fully customizable and can be scheduled to run daily, hourly, weekly, or only on work days so you can plan your scan around your schedule.

    Tips for New Users

    The simplicity of ClamWin makes it very easy for new users to install and go. After you install ClamWin, make sure you schedule regular updates. New viruses are created every day, so it’s important to always have the latest updates. You can schedule updates to run overnight, or when you’re away from your computer so they don’t interfere with your web browsing. Just click on the “preferences” icon and select the “Internet Updates” tab.

    Areas of Improvement

    While ClamWin is great for users who want to regularly scan their computers for viruses, it does not include a real-time scanner. This means that ClamWin is not constantly scanning files in the background, like some high-priced antivirus programs do. If you use ClamWin as your only antivirus program, you will have to run scans manually, either by scheduling them, or remembering to run them regularly.


    ClamWin puts an end to obtrusive antivirus software that interrupts your work, slows down your computer and installs unwanted extras. Simply schedule ClamWin to scan your files daily, weekly, hourly or on work days to protect your computer from the latest viruses without bugging you. Scans are fully customizable so you can scan exactly what you want, when you want. While ClamWin is the best of simple virus scanning programs it doesn’t do any real-time scanning so you need to run scans manually, or schedule them to run regularly. If you’re looking for a free antivirus program with real-time scanning, try AVG Free (, or avast! (

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