DeSmuME 0.9.8

DeSmuME is a free Nintendo DS emulator, which lets you play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your computer.


    DeSmuME Review

    A good emulator is hard to find, especially a Nintendo DS emulator. Very few can run all DS games perfectly without running slowly or crashing. DeSmuME runs Nintendo DS ROMs smoothly, with bright and colorful graphics and a simple interface. With a few minor adjustments, games play at the correct speed without crashing. Use your mouse as your stylus, and either your keyboard or a PC game controller as your gamepad, and you can try out new DS games with this free stable emulator.

    Favorite Features

    With DeSmuME, you can not only play NDS ROMs it allows save states so you can take a break and continue where you left off at a later time. You can even load save states from other emulators, or a game’s save data from your DS. Easily record video and audio of your games then save them as AVI or WAV files. DeSmuME saves all of your data so you never lose your high scores or unlockables. DeSmuME’s multitude of options let you customize your game play by resizing the screen, turning off one screen, adjusting your control configuration, and more. The simple interface makes it easy for even novice gamers to start playing DS games in seconds.

    Tips for New Users

    A common problem DeSmuME users face is games running slowly. To ensure that your NDS games run at their proper speeds, don’t use a netbook. Netbooks tend to lack the necessary speed to run DeSmuME. Also, don’t enlarge the screen. View the game at 1x for best results. You can also try frame skipping, found in the “Config” menu. Even setting frame skipping to 1x can help boost the speed of a game. Finally, make sure you uncheck “Enable Advanced Bus-Level Timing,” under “Emulation Settings” in the “Config” menu. This feature can improve some games, but also tends to slow them down so toggle to find the best selection for each game.

    Areas of Improvement

    Like most emulators, DeSmuME is not without its bugs. Many users experience slow gameplay and are encouraged in the DeSmuME FAQ to simply purchase a faster computer. DeSmuME requires an updated system to run properly without slowing down or freezing. These are areas of improvement which the FAQ says the developers are constantly addressing. Hopefully, future releases of DeSmuME will correct these issues.


    If you want to play Nintendo DS games on your computer, DeSmuME is the best way to do it. It runs games smoothly, with perfect graphics, and (with a few tweaks) at the correct speed. While many other NDS emulators don’t run games properly, or sometimes at all, DeSmuME gives you near-perfect emulation of all DS ROMs. Its many options let you customize your games, save them, and load saved data from other emulators or your DS. You can even record video and audio of your games to share with your friends. DeSmuME’s developers are constantly working to improve the software and soon hope to work out all of the kinks to make DeSmuME the perfect Nintendo DS emulator.

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