DVDStyler 2.3

DVDStyler is a free DVD authoring program which lets you create DVDs with customized, professional-looking menus.


    DVDStyler Review

    Most people have hours of home videos, photos, and more on their hard drives that they’d love to burn to a DVD so they can enjoy viewing them on their TV screens. Most DVD authoring programs let you burn your files onto a playable DVD, but don’t give you the option to create a truly customized menu. Sure, you can probably change the text, maybe even select a template, but that’s it. With DVDStyler, you can fully customize your DVD’s menu, and create a professional-looking DVD with the video or image slideshow of your choice.

    Favorite Features

    Using DVDStyler to create a DVD menu is like using Adobe Illustrator to create custom-designed graphics. You can use built-in templates, or select from a wide variety buttons, borders, background images, and fonts. You can even create your own images and add them to your menu. Each element can be completely customized by color, size, placement, alignment, shadow, and more. You can create multiple menus, edit video chapters, and add episodes. Advanced users can use scripts to further customize menus. The result is a professional-looking, easy to use DVD menu that you, your friends, and your family will love. DVDStyler burns any type of video, image, or audio file, from AVI to Xvid, and burns VOB files without re-encoding. You can even add multiple subtitle and audio tracks to your videos. DVDStyler is available for Windows, Max OS X, and Linux, so anyone can use it.

    Tips for New Users

    DVDStyler has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for new users to start creating their own custom DVD menus. To use more advanced features like scripting, make sure you review DVDStyler’s documentation, which can be found at the DVDStyler web site. The “DVDStyler Guide and DVD Scripting” file by Jonathan Blair is especially helpful for beginner DVD menu designers and script writers. The web site also provides user guides in multiple languages for international users.

    Areas of Improvement

    While you can customize static images and text in your DVD menus, it is not yet possible to effectively add looping video or audio to a menu using DVDStyler. These are elements often used on professional DVDs, and they would be nice features to add to DVDStyler. The Jonathan Blair guide states that it is technically possible to add looping video, but the functionality is not yet at 100 percent. Once you’ve customized your static menu, burning your DVD will take several hours. If you need to quickly burn DVDs, try another free program, like DVD Flick, which offers much less customization but burns DVDs much faster.


    DVDStyler is the best way to create a custom DVD with a professional-looking menu. You can customize every element of your DVD menu, including buttons, text, and background images. Use the simple design interface, or use scripts for further customization. DVDStyler is easy enough for even beginners to use, and advanced enough for tech savvy users to appreciate. So if you want to create completely customized DVD menus, download DVDStyler today. If you just want to quickly burn DVDs with less customization, try another free program, like DVD Flick.

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