FreeFileSync 5.7

FreeFileSync is a free program that lets you quickly compare and synchronize files and folders.


    FreeFileSync Review

    These days, we store files in a variety of places. Whether you have a desktop and a laptop, a work computer and a flash drive, a tablet, or another mobile device, it can be hard to keep track of all of the information you need. With FreeFileSync, you can quickly and easily synchronize files and folders on any drive for free, so you always have the most up-to-date information no matter where you are.

    Favorite Features

    FreeFileSync’s very easy to use interface displays the contents of two folders in two organized columns. Simply click the left or right color-coded arrows to copy files back and forth, or click “synchronize” to quickly sync all files both ways. You can compare files by time and size, or by contents, to ensure that you always have the latest and best versions of all of your files. FreeFileSync adjusts for Daylight Savings Time to avoid any time confusion. Batch synchronization lets you automatically synchronize the same two folders anytime you want. Files that are deleted or overwritten during synchronization can be saved in subdirectories, so you can keep older versions of files for backup. A free tool called RealTimeSync is included with FreeFileSync, and it can be programmed to automatically synchronize any folders whenever changes are detected, like when you plug in a flash drive.

    Tips for New Users

    FreeFileSync’s compare and synchronize options are easy to use right away. If you’re interested in using some of FreeFileSync’s more advanced features, like batch synchronization, backup strategies, and RealTimeSync, look over FreeFileSync’s help file. You can find it in the “Help” menu under “Content.”

    Areas of Improvement

    FreeFileSync makes it easy to manually compare and sync files and folders in different locations. However, it lacks the option to schedule automatic syncs for specific days and times. For example, if you wanted a folder on your laptop to sync every day when you came home from work, you would have to remember to do it yourself. RealTimeSync can be set to sync when it detects a change in your laptop’s folder, but it is complicated, and may be difficult for less advanced users to figure out. A simple schedule option would be more helpful. FreeFileSync also does not support syncing with an FTP site, but its help file provides instructions for accomplishing this using another free program, NetDrive (


    If your important files are spread around on your desktop, laptop, flash drive, or other devices, FreeFileSync can help you keep track of them all. Use FreeFileSync’s easy compare and synchronize features to make sure you have all of the latest versions of your files and folders on every drive. While you cannot schedule automatic synchronization with FreeFileSync, you can create batch synchronizations to sync two specified folders with just a few clicks. Advanced users can use RealTimeSync to synchronize folders whenever changes are detected. FreeFileSync is a great free tool for comparing and synchronizing files and folders manually. If you’re looking for a free tool to schedule automatic synchronization, try FileMyster by Bateel Software (

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