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KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG web page editor designed to be extremely easy to use, so non-technical computer users can design professional-looking web pages without knowing anything about web coding.


    KompoZer Review

    These days, it’s important to have a web site, whether it’s for your small business, your band, your blog, or an online resume. There was a time when only hard core computer geeks knew how to design and build web sites. Now, anyone can build a professional-looking web site for free with KompoZer. KompoZer makes it easy to build a web page without knowing anything about HTML or CSS coding. It’s a “What You See Is What You Get,” or “WYSIWYG” (wiz-ee-wig), editor that lets you see the big picture of what your web page will look like before you publish it. With KompoZer, you can quickly and easily edit text, add images, create tables, and even CSS style sheets for any web page, even if you’ve never built a web site before.

    Favorite Features

    KompoZer is built on the same layout engine as Mozilla, which means it’s fast, reliable, and regularly updated. Its layout is very similar to Dreamweaver, but without the high price tag. The tabbed view lets you edit multiple web pages at once, without opening multiple windows. The “site manager” pane lets you view your local or FTP files and folders while you edit. Table rulers help you create perfectly-sized tables cells, rows, and columns. View the WYSIWYG layout of your web page on the “normal” tab, with HTML tags along the bottom of the screen so you can quickly manage styles. More advanced users can use the “source” tab to view the straight code, or the “HTML tags” tab for a graphical view of all of the tags on the page. The FTP site manager lets you easily organize and publish all of your edited web pages.

    Tips for New Users

    KompoZer is designed for new users with no web coding knowledge, so it’s easy to use right away. Its built-in knowledge base gives you step-by-step instructions on creating a new web page, formatting, style sheets, tables, and more. Access it by selecting “Help Contents” from the “Help” menu. There are even help forums on KompoZer’s web site where new users can ask questions about building web pages with KompoZer.

    Areas of Improvement

    KompoZer’s simple, easy-to-use interface, well-organized layout, tabbed view, FTP file manager, and cleaner HTML tags make it one of the best free web page editors available, and its developers work to make it better every day. So far there are no areas that need improvement.


    Novice web designers and experts alike will love KompoZer, the free WYSIWYG web editor built on Mozilla and designed like Dreamweaver. Anyone can use KompoZer to build a professional-looking web site without paying an arm and a leg. KompoZer is the easy way to use HTML and CSS coding, even if you don’t know code. These days everyone needs a web site, so if you don’t have one yet, start building it now with KompoZer.

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