Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.0.4014

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC HC) is a lightweight media player that plays all types of audio, video and image files.

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    Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.0.4014

    Back when Microsoft first released Media Player 6.4, it was only compatible with a small number of file types. In order to play all of the audio, video, and image file types available on the Internet, Windows users had to download multiple media players. As more versions of Media Player were released, its functionality increased, and so did its loading time. It seemed Microsoft had created a monster. Media Player became powerful enough to play media files of almost any type, but at a price. This bloated program seemed to take forever to open the simplest files. Those who wished to listen to a single MP3, found themselves waiting almost the length of the song for it to even start playing. Media Player fans longed for a way to combine the lightweight style of the classic version 6.4, with the file support of newer versions.

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is the answer to frustrated Windows users’ prayers. Based on Windows Media Player 6.4, MPC-HC is an extremely lightweight media player that is compatible with all types of audio, video, and image files.

    What Media Player Classic Home Cinema Does Great

    MPC-HC’s lightweight style allows it to quickly open and play any type of file. Double-click a video, and you’ll be watching it in no time. It is compatible with Windows XP to 7 (yes, even Vista), and versions are available for both 32- and 64-bit systems.

    While it looks like Media Player 6.4, Media Player Classic – Home Cinema has ten times the functionality. With MPC-HC, you can play any type of media file, from a WAV, to an OGG, to an AC3. Videos can be played with subtitles, and MPC-HC even supports TV playback or recording with a TV tuner.

    Tips for New Users

    When you first install Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, you’ll want to make sure you associate it with all of your media file types, to avoid having to wait for your modern Windows Media Player to load. You can do this by clicking “View,” and selecting “Options” from the drop-down menu. Click “Formats” on the left menu, and click the “All” button to select all file types. You also have the option to click “Audio” to associate MPC-HC only with audio files, or “Video” to associate it only with video files. Note that clicking “All” will not associate MPC-HC with all of your image files. To open an image in MPC-HC, you will need to click “File,” then select “Open File,” and navigate to the file on your computer.

    Where Media Player Classic Home Cinema Needs to Improve

    Media Player Classic – Home Cinema includes an option to remove screen tearing, a common distortion found in digital videos. However, to use this function, you need to set specific options, which prevent Windows from displaying any menu text or dialog boxes. So if you’re using anti-tearing mode, you’ll need to remember the keyboard shortcuts to turn it off, or switch to another video. It tends to be more trouble than it’s worth, for a visual artifact that most people don’t notice.


    If you’ve ever had to wait ten to twenty seconds for a video or audio file to load in Windows Media Player, MPC-HC is for you. Its lightweight, classic design can open and play media files of any type, without the wait. With MPC-HC, you can watch videos with subtitles, or even watch and record TV on your computer. More advanced users can attempt to use anti-tearing mode, for crystal clear video playback. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema combines the convenience of the 90s with the functionality of today.

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