Mediaportal 1.2.3

Mediaportal turns your computer into a home theater streaming music, movies, TV, radio and pictures on your TV.


    Mediaportal Review

    Right now, you have your radio for music, DVR for your TV, a photo album for pictures and a DVD player for movies. but what if you could combine all of your favorite media in one place? Mediaportal lets you turn any computer on your network into a home theater by bringing all of your pictures, music, movies, and TV shows together on your TV. No more searching for files on your computer. Mediaportal keeps everything organized, and brings you your media the way you want it, on a big screen.

    Favorite Features

    Mediaportal is not just a run-of-the-mill media player. It brings all of your media files together, from every computer on your network, and lets you play them on your TV. With Mediaportal you can stream live TV, or record your favorite shows to play back later. As the Mediaportal web site says, it’s like TiVo, but it’s free! Stream live radio, or play music files and CDs. Watch DVDs or video files on your TV. Mediaportal finds all of your media files and lets you easily organize them any way you want. Its large, graphical interface makes it easy to see all of your files from your TV screen. Mediaportal even downloads covers and information about each media file, like movie plots for DVDs, and album information for CDs and music files. You can even use a remote to control Mediaportal, so you never have to leave your couch.

    Tips for New Users

    Mediaportal is designed for someone with an HTPC, or “home theater personal computer” already set up. To use most of its features, you need a lot of specific hardware and connections. For example, to stream or record TV, you need a PC with a TV tuner. To use Mediaportal on your TV, you will need to have your computer already connected to your TV. If you don’t have any of this additional hardware, Mediaportal will only be able to play files on your computer. The Mediaportal wiki is an excellent guide for setting up your own HTPC and using it with Mediaportal. So if you want to make the most of Mediaportal, read through the Wiki, and decide if an HTPC is right for you.

    Areas of Improvement

    Mediaportal is designed to work well with a remote, for HTPC users who want to play all of their media from their couch. Unfortunately, this means that it does not work as well with a mouse. The scrolling is a little too fast, and the icons are not labeled, so it can be difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with the program. If you can use a remote, use it. Otherwise, navigating Mediaportal with a mouse will take a lot of practice.


    You can experience the future of media with Mediaportal. Turn your computer into a home theater with TV, radio, movies, music, and pictures all on your TV screen. If you have an HTPC setup, Mediaportal makes it easy to stream and record live TV, watch DVDs and video files, stream radio, play CDs and audio files, and watch picture slideshows from the comfort of your couch. Its large, graphical interface is easy to see on any size TV, so you can sit back and use your remote to control all of your media in one place. If you’re ready to set up your HTPC, read Mediaportal’s wiki and start using it today.

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