MuseScore 1.2

MuseScore is a free program that makes it easy to write your own sheet music, play it with MIDI instruments, and print, save, or share it online.


    MuseScore Review

    Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be a composer. You hear music in your head, but you’ve never been able to get it out and share it with other people. With MuseScore, you can finally make your dream of composing your own music a reality. MuseScore lets you not only create your own sheet music, but also play it with an orchestra of MIDI instruments, so you know exactly how each note, beat, and measure will sound. Then you can easily print your sheet music, save it as a PDF, or share it online through MuseScore’s web site, so others can read and play it online.

    Favorite Features

    With MuseScore, you don’t need an orchestra to compose your own music. MIDI instruments play each note exactly as it should sound. Write a choral song and hear synthesized voices sing it, then add text lyrics that correspond with each note. Write your own music from scratch, or use a template designed for an orchestra, jazz band, concert band, and more. Simply select the type of note, then click the staff to add it wherever you like. When you’re finished composing your song, you can print it, save it as a PDF, or upload it to MuseScore’s web site for easy sharing. Save snippets as graphics for use with a word processing program, or export it to a MusicXML file, so you can collaborate friends who use other composition programs. You can even sync your music with any YouTube video and view an animated score that follows along with a live performance. The MuseScore iPad app lets you download and view sheet music from while you’re on the go.

    Tips for New Users

    MuseScore makes it easy for even novice composers to create professional-looking sheet music, but if you want to play your music as you compose it, make sure your computer’s sound card has MIDI support. You can find this information in your sound card’s manual, or at the manufacturer’s web site. You should also check your sound settings to ensure that the MIDI volume is turned up.

    Areas of Improvement

    When you first install MuseScore, it comes with a small, general-purpose SoundFont, with very electronic-sounding MIDI instruments. None of the instruments sound recognizable, and many sound the same. This stock SoundFont could not be used in any professional capacity. Fortunately, MuseScore gives you the option to install any SoundFont you want, so you can work with more realistic-sounding instruments, or a wider variety of sounds. You can find many free SoundFonts on the web, so do your research before using MuseScore.


    With MuseScore, anyone can become a composer for free. All you need is a computer, and a sound card with MIDI support. Install MuseScore and you can conduct your own orchestra of synthesized instruments and choirs. Write your own professional-looking sheet music and easily print it, save it, or share it with your friends. So get that music out of your head and onto your computer screen with MuseScore.

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