Pandion 2.6.106

Pandion is a free instant messaging client for XMPP or Jabber networks.

    Pandion Review

    Modern businesses don’t exist in just one building. They have offices across the country and across the world, and even some employees who telecommute from home. Every single employee, whether they’re in the main office or thousands of miles away, is busy. They’re making phone calls, filing paperwork, and attending meetings. So how do you keep them all on the same page without slowing them down? Use a convenient, free instant messaging client like Pandion. Pandion makes it easy for everyone to stay in touch with their colleagues around the world, and even chat with their friends in their down time. Using any XMPP or Jabber server, anyone can quickly create a Pandion address and start chatting right away.

    Favorite Features

    Pandion’s simple interface makes it great for beginner users. Simply create your Pandion address and password, and you’re ready to start adding contacts and chatting away. You can customize Pandion in many ways, including avatars, backgrounds, and fun emoticons. Plug-ins let you add extra functionality, like games, news updates, and instant web searches. Tabbed browsing takes the confusion out of chatting with multiple contacts at once by keeping all of your conversations in one window. Pandion connects to any XMPP server, including public servers like Google Talk, or private company servers. You can use transports to connect with users on other instant messaging networks, like AIM, MSN, and ICQ. You can even use Pandion to send and receive files, and hold conferences with multiple users.

    Tips for New Users

    It’s easy to get started with Pandion, but you must know which XMPP server you wish to use. If you’re using a private company server, make sure you have the address handy when you set up Pandion. If you wish to use a public server, you can select from a list of servers, or enter your own. Adding transports for other networks will not import your contacts from those networks, so make sure you know your friends’ or colleagues’ addresses. For help with setting up your Pandion account or contact list, visit Pandion’s online manual or support forum. You can find both of these under the “Help” menu.

    Areas of Improvement

    Pandion has many of the useful features found in other instant messaging clients like AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Google Talk. However, one feature that is missing is the ability to use video and voice chat. The Pandion developers say they’re working on this feature, and have not ruled it out for the future.


    Pandion is a free, easy way to keep in touch with co-workers, friends, or relatives across multiple instant messaging networks. Pandion lets you customize your chat experience, add plug-ins, and conference with other users. Its simple interface is ideal for beginner users. Using Pandion in the office can help improve productivity by giving employees a quick and easy way to share information and files. So download Pandion today, and keep on the same page with the important people in your life.

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