PDFCreator 1.4.3

PDFCreator is a free program that lets you quickly and easily save any document as a PDF file, as well as a variety of other file types, including TIFF, PNG, and JPEG.


    PDFCreator Review

    Of the many free PDF converters available, most are intrusive in some way, adding watermarks to your PDF files, or even limiting the size or amount of PDFs you can create before you have to pay for the software. PDFCreator is always free, and doesn’t alter the files you create in any way. Plus, it’s not just PDFs, you can also create TIFFs, PNGs, JPEGs, BMPs, EPSs, and more. PDFCreator makes creating PDFs easy with five different ways to quickly convert a file, and settings that are remembered each time you use it.

    Favorite Features

    PDFCreator lets you save any file as a PDF, or one of many other files types, in five different ways. You can print to a PDF file from any program that uses Windows printers by printing just like you would to a normal printer. You can drag and drop files to the PDFCreator Print Monitor, or add files to the PDFCreator Print Monitor by clicking “Document,” then “Add.” You can right-click on a file in Windows Explorer and click “Create PDF with PDFCreator.” You can even convert a file from the command line, if you are so inclined. You can create a PDF in any program and quickly e-mail it, build one PDF from a group of files, and of course create a variety of other file types. With PDFCreator, you can rest assured that your PDF files will not be altered with watermarks, or limited by size or amount. Once you create a file, PDFCreator can remember your settings so you can create future files even faster.

    Tips for New Users

    For the quickest way to create PDF files, make sure you set PDFCreator as your default printer. That way, when you print from any program, it will automatically create a PDF with PDFCreator. This will also make it quicker and easier to convert files from the command line.

    Areas of Improvement

    PDFCreator comes with another free program called PDFArchitect, which allows you to add or remove pages in any PDF file. So once you’ve created a PDF, you can use PDFArchitect to make changes. This program is very bare bones, with almost no options or features. There isn’t even an option to zoom in get a better view of a PDF document, which is a problem because the default view is pretty small. PDFArchitect is a nice addition, but it could do with a few more options.


    PDFCreator is the fastest, easiest way to create PDFs, or other files, from almost any program. With five ways to create PDFs, a variety of file types, and no watermarks or limits, PDFCreator is the best free PDF converter out there. As for PDFArchitect, it might be a better idea to try another free PDF editor with a few more features. PDFescape (PDFescape.com) is a free online PDF editor that allows you to add or remove pages from a PDF file, and much more, all for free and without downloading any software.

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