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Scribus is a free desktop publishing program that makes it easy to create professional-looking page layouts without spending a fortune.


    Scribus Review

    Desktop publishing is normally pricey business: Either you have to pay a professional, or buy an expensive and confusing software program to create page layouts yourself. With Scribus, you can easily create your own professional-looking page layouts for free. Design brochures, business cards, flyers, book covers, menus, and more without paying a fortune on software. Professionals themselves use Scribus, which supports industry standards like CMYK colors and spot color support, while also making it easy for beginners with a simple layout and lots of support from the Scribus mailing list and online community.

    Favorite Features

    Scribus is compatible with almost any file type you can think of, from text documents to image files, and even vector artwork, so you can import your custom-designed vector art directly into your page layout. Scribus also makes it easy to export your page layout as a PDF, EPS, or image file, so it will print perfectly on your local print shop’s commercial printer. You can even create PDF forms with text boxes and clickable buttons. CMYK and spot color support ensure that you will always find exactly the right color for your company logo, or other design. The simple layout of Scribus makes it easy for novice desktop publishers to build their own designs, either from scratch or using a template.

    Tips for New Users

    Scribus provides a wealth of support for new users and advanced users. View their online documentation, FAQ, and community wiki all on the Scribus web site. There’s even an IRC live chat channel for new users to ask questions and get advice. The Scribus mailing list allows you to ask questions and receive responses from experienced users. If none of these many resources answers your question, you may contact Scribus directly. All of these support options are available on the “Support” page at

    Areas of Improvement

    According to the Scribus “Help” knowledge base, Scribus is designed to print to high-end PostScript printers and as a result it often has trouble printing to economy inkjet printers. Many users are unable to print directly from Scribus to their home printers. Scribus is aware of that issue and the developers are working on a solution. In the meantime, they recommend exporting your file to a PDF then printing from Adobe Reader.


    Gone are the days when desktop publishing was an expensive operation. With Scribus, anyone can create professional-looking page layouts for free. Scribus lets you import a multitude of file types and export to PDF, EPS, or image files. Professional-grade colors make your pages print perfectly, whether you’re saving a PDF or printing at your local print shop. While many professional designers do use Scribus, you don’t have to be a professional to figure it out. Scribus makes it easy for new users to design their own page layouts from ready-made templates, or from a blank virtual canvas. Install Scribus for free and start creating your own masterpiece.

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