SMPlayer 0.8.0

SMPlayer is a complete front end for MPlayer media player, with a variety of features and options to improve your media playing experience.


    SMPlayer Review

    Originally, media players were designed to do one thing: play media files. As time went on, media player users noticed more and more things they’d like to control while playing files, like subtitles, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast and volume. Most free media players don’t give you this much control over your files, but SMPlayer does. SMPlayer’s many options and features let you adjust the way your files play, look, and sound, from the brightness and contrast of the picture, to the font and color of the subtitles. It even remembers your settings for the next time you play the same file, so you don’t have to worry about changing them again.

    Favorite Features

    By far the best feature of SMPlayer is its ability to remember not only your settings for any media file, but where you left off when you stopped playing it. So you can start watching a movie on your laptop while riding the train home from work, then finish later when you’re at home on your couch. With SMPlayer you never have to search through a file to find where you left off. If you need subtitles to translate a movie, or just so you can follow the plot on a noisy train, you can easily load them through SMPlayer. If you don’t have subtitles, you can automatically search for them on Once the subtitles are loaded, you can change their font, size, color, and location to suit your vision. SMPlayer’s video equalizer lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma of any video, so even old movies or bad prints look bright and colorful on your screen. If you like watching videos in full screen, you can set SMPlayer to always open in full screen, to save you the step of clicking it. You can even quickly take screenshots with the screenshot button. Audio options let you normalize volume, adjust levels and speed, and easily switch between audio tracks on any video file.

    Tips for New Users

    SMPlayer is very simple to use, even for less technically-inclined users. Its interface is similar to that of other free media players like VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Its menus are self-explanatory to anyone who knows a thing or two about audio and video. For anyone who doesn’t, it’s recommended that you check out SMPlayer’s wiki at the SMPlayer web site. The first time you load a video or audio file in SMPlayer, it may take a few minutes, so be patient. After that, your files will open in a flash.

    Areas of Improvement

    SMPlayer includes a “karaoke” feature in its audio options which claims to remove the speech from a video or audio file. However, it does not appear to work properly. Selecting “karaoke” just seems greatly reduce the volume and distort it. The speech can still be heard. So if you were hoping to have a karaoke party with SMPlayer, you might want to hold off on that.


    SMPlayer is the king of free media players on the web. Its many video and audio options let you completely customize your media experience, then save your settings for when you come back later. Subtitles are easily located and loaded onto any video, and can be customized by font, size, color, and location. SMPlayer puts you in control of any movie, TV show, song, or other media file you want to play. So take control of your media playing experience and download SMPlayer.

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