Stellarium 0.11.3

Stellarium is a free program that creates a planetarium on your computer screen, complete with constellations, planets, and more.


    Stellarium Review

    You can only see so much staring up at the stars from your backyard. Even with a telescope, you can’t get a view of the night sky from faraway places, or know exactly where every constellation, planet, nebula, and satellite is located at any given moment. Stellarium brings stargazing into the 21st century by bringing the stars to you. With Stellarium you can view the night sky from almost anywhere in the world right on your computer screen, choose the time of day, watch the sunrise or sunset, and even view realistic landscapes and atmospheres. Stellarium’s many options let you actually customize the sky, travelling the world in the blink of an eye.

    Favorite Features

    Stellarium’s default catalogue can show you over 600,000 stars, and its extra catalogues feature over 210 million stars in total. You can see constellations from 12 different cultures, complete with artwork and labels, showing you exactly what each one looks like. See planets, nebulas, and satellites as they move across the sky. Watch the sunset in Paris, or the sunrise in Rome, and change the landscape and atmosphere to whatever you choose. You can observe the night sky even in the daytime, or watch it in real time from any time zone. Zoom in and move around for a better look at the stars. Stars twinkle, shooting stars fly across the screen; you can even simulate an eclipse or supernova. No more squinting through a pinhole in a cardboard box to watch a solar eclipse, Stellarium lets you view it in full screen.

    Tips for New Users

    Make sure you use the menu on the left side of the screen to switch between different options. You can select a new location or time, change your defaults, views, preferences and more. There is even a help button to guide through the options. This menu is only visible if you mouse over it.

    Areas of Improvement

    There’s no better way to see the stars from your computer than Stellarium. With its many features, ease of use, and quick loading time, there really isn’t anything to improve. Fans of stargazing will love this convenient free program.


    Now you can travel the world, and see the sky in any way imaginable, right from your computer screen with Stellarium. Stellarium lets you customize your stargazing experience by changing your location, time, landscape, atmosphere and much more. You can point out constellations, planets, and nebulas easily with the click of a mouse. Watch realistic eclipses, supernovas, and shooting stars. Install Stellarium for free and you’ll be spotting stars like the pros in no time.

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