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SumatraPDF is a portable PDF reader that opens PDF, XPS, DjVu, CHM and Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) files.

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    Sumatra PDF Editorial Review

    Most of us sigh whenever we see a PDF icon, because we know it means the file we want to read is going to take upwards of thirty seconds to open in Adobe Reader or similar. End the wait with SumatraPDF, a free, basic PDF reader for Windows. SumatraPDF’s interface is kept as simple as possible, for lightning fast viewing of PDF, XPS, DjVu, CHM, and Comic Book files.

    What SumatraPDF Does Great

    SumatraPDF’s lightweight style means you can quickly view PDF files, and more, without waiting for the reader to load. The portable version can be used without installing, making it perfect for offices where installation of new programs is blocked. Bring it to work on your USB flash drive, and quickly read PDFs from any computer.

    The full installation of SumatraPDF also includes browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Select these options while installing, and you can open PDFs on the web as quickly as you open web pages.

    Tips for New Users

    When you first install SumatraPDF, you’ll want to make sure you set it as your default PDF reader. Otherwise, the beast that is Adobe Reader will insist on slowly opening all PDF files when you double-click them. To set SumatraPDF as your default reader, click “Settings,” and select “Options,” then click the “Make SumatraPDF my default PDF reader” button. Now all of your PDF files will open right away in SumatraPDF when double-clicked.

    Where SumatraPDF Needs to Improve

    The first thing you’ll notice when you open Sumatra PDF is the color. The entire interface is bright yellow. It’s not a nice, muted, pastel yellow. It’s a high-contrast, in-your-face yellow that is far from easy on the eyes. There is no option to change the color of the program’s background, so every time you open it, you are blinded by yellow. Once you open a file, the yellow goes away, so the best thing to do is set SumatraPDF as your default PDF reader while you’re installing it. That way, you never have to load the program without a file open.


    With SumatraPDF, you never have to wait to read PDF, XPS, DjVu, CHM, or Comic Book files. Whether you’re at home or at work, online or offline, SumatraPDF’s simple interface opens files in the blink of an eye. You just may need to cover your eyes to shield them from SumatraPDF’s bright yellow color scheme.

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