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Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design program that lets you create a 3D image of any room in your home to make redecorating easy and fun.

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    Sweet Home 3D Review

    So you’ve just moved into a new home, and you have no idea how your furniture, appliances, and knickknacks are going to fit into your new rooms. Instead of staying up until all hours of the night struggling to push heavy sofas, armchairs, tables, and shelves around, use Sweet Home 3D. With this free program, you can quickly recreate the layout of any room complete with furniture, appliances, and more to make designing your home easy. The simple 2D interface lets you easily build a detailed 3D model, accurately depicting every door, wall, window, curtain, and even all your favorite knickknacks, so you can see exactly where to place everything to create the best design plans for your home.

    Favorite Features

    Sweet Home 3D’s extensive catalog of 3D images has everything in your home covered, from cutlery and potted plants to sofas, beds and chairs. You can change color, texture, and even lighting, to create photorealistic images of every item. Recreate items you have, or items you’re thinking of purchasing, to see exactly how they’d look in any room in your home. The simultaneous 2D and 3D views make designing your 3D model simple, even allowing you to enter exact measurements so your design is as accurate as possible. Best of all, the simplicity of Sweet Home 3D means that unlike many home design programs, it opens and runs quickly, without slowing down your computer.

    Tips for New Users

    Take a few minutes to watch Sweet Home 3D’s video tutorial, which demonstrates how to make the most of all of Sweet Home 3D’s many features. If you have an image of your room’s floor plan, it is very helpful to use that as a starting point for your design.

    Areas of Improvement

    The multiple areas of the Sweet Home 3D workspace makes it a little cluttered, especially on a smaller screen. It would be nice to be able to break it up, or add or remove elements. While you can display the 3D view in a separate window, it cannot be minimized if you want to quickly move it out of the way. Detachable menus would be very helpful.


    Sweet Home 3D is an easy, fun tool for interior design, which you can use to redecorate any room in your home. Its wide selection of items from pieces of furniture to appliances covers every possible item you may want to include in your room. You can adjust color, texture, lighting and more to ensure that your 3D model is an accurate representation of your design plan. While the workspace is a little cluttered, Sweet Home 3D’s simple design and plethora of features make it stand out from other home design programs. Watch the video tutorial and start redecorating your home the free & easy way with Sweet Home 3D.

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