The Battle for Wesnoth 1.10.4

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme, in which you can build an army and fight to reclaim the throne of the fictional land of Wesnoth.


    The Battle for Wesnoth Review

    In The Battle for Wesnoth, you are the rightful heir to the throne of Wesnoth, but you have been usurped by your enemies. To reclaim the throne, you must amass an army of skilled soldiers to wage war with mythical creatures and take back Wesnoth from the enemies of the thone. You may choose your warriors from a large pool of specialists, each with different abilities, weapons, and magic spells. As your soldiers train and fight, they gain experience and grow stronger. You will fight through hundreds of campaigns, either against the computer in single player mode, or online against others in multiplayer mode. Fight your way to victory in the bloody battle to restore order in the land of Wesnoth.

    Favorite Features

    Wesnoth is a land with a rich history that goes back to the very beginning of time. In The Battle for Wesnoth, you command a customized army, which you can hand-pick from over two hundred unit types, sixteen races, and six major factions. Build your army with mythical soldiers like elves, dwarves, ogres, and merfolk. Lead your troops to battle against creepy creatures like orcs, goblins, and the undead. You can custom-design your own maps, or choose from unlimited random possibilities. Hundreds of campaign scenarios are available for download. Join a multiplayer game online, fighting with or against other players from around the world. Or play a single player game and against the computer.

    Tips for New Users

    The Battle for Wesnoth’s developers recommend the following tips for getting the most fun out of the game:
    • Play on the “medium” difficulty level for a more rewarding experience.
    • Don’t worry about losing units. The game is designed to accommodate losing some units along the way.
    • Don’t abuse saved games. Although you can save your game mid-scenario, it is not recommended that you continue to load a mid-scenario saved game over and over. Instead, learn from your game and balance the risks. Start the scenario over with a new strategy.

    Areas of Improvement

    The world of Wesnoth is inhabited by many different races with different abilities, talents, and magical powers. Wesnoth’s history is long, rich, and detailed. The land of Wesnoth is vast and covered by many different types of terrain. The fictional world in The Battle for Wesnoth is so involved that it can be confusing, and new suers may find it hard to know where to start. Browsing through the “Support” page on the Wesnoth web site presents even more confusing options. For a good overview on how to get started in the game, Visit the “Getting Started” page in the Battle for Wesnoth wiki.


    The Battle for Wesnoth is an extensive, exciting game of strategy and fantasy. Its many different maps, scenarios, creatures, and soldiers give it a great deal of variety and replay value. While it may be a little overwhelming to first-time players, after a few battles you will find yourself immersed in the world of Wesnoth, fighting to restore its former glory. So if you’re ready to build your army and reclaim your throne, download The Battle for Wesnoth today.

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