TuxGuitar 1.2

TuxGuitar is a free guitar tablature program that lets you compose your own music using notes and tablature, then play it back with virtual instruments.


    TuxGuitar Review

    At some point, everyone dreams of being a rock star, writing hit songs, and rocking guitar solos onstage in front of millions of screaming fans. Maybe that dream isn’t coming true anytime soon, but you can get a head start on those hit songs with TuxGuitar. TuxGuitar lets you easily compose your own music and tablature for guitar, bass, drums, and more; add effects, then playback your masterpiece with your own virtual band.

    Favorite Features

    TuxGuitar’s simple interface makes composing music a breeze, even for beginners. You can quickly and easily add measures, beats, notes, and chords to your score; adjust note effects, add more tracks and instruments, or add instrument effects, to make your song the perfect chart-topping hit you know it should be. The “repeat” function lets you copy parts of a song, like verses and choruses, so they’re played the same every time. Tuning options let you select the number of strings on your instrument, and adjust tuning for different sounds. Add text lyrics so you can sing along to your score. Plugins and skins let you customize your TuxGuitar experience any way you like. When your score is complete, your own personal virtual band plays it exactly the way it should sound. TuxGuitar is even compatible with GuitarPro and PowerTab files, so you can import your own scores, or export your TuxGuitar files and share them with your friends or bandmates who use other tablature programs.

    Tips for New Users

    TuxGuitar has a plethora of great features and options to perfect your opus. It has so many features, in fact, that they can seem overwhelming at first. It’s best to view TuxGuitar’s help documentation by pressing “F1,” or clicking “Help,” and selecting “Documentation” from the drop-down menu. This document gives you a basic overview of how to get started on your way to rock stardom.

    Areas of Improvement

    TuxGuitar’s built-in instrument sounds are far from accurate. No matter which instrument you choose, it will pretty much sound like a cheap keyboard. Plugins allow you to adjust these sounds, but they still won’t be all that realistic. So you’ll just have to use your imagination when playing back your scores.


    Maybe you can’t live your dream of becoming a famous rock star, but you can start composing future hits with TuxGuitar. Use TuxGuitar’s many features, effects, and options to customize your score, and use your electronic band to play it back exactly the way it should be played (just don’t expect the instruments to sound real). Adjust tuning and use “repeat” to copy verses and choruses within your song. When your masterpiece is finished, you can export it to a file format that everyone in your real band can view, whether they use GuitarPro, PowerTab, or other popular tablature programs. So read up on TuxGuitar’s features and download it today, and you can become a virtual guitar hero.

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