UltraDefrag 5.0.7

UltraDefrag is a free defragmenting program that quickly defrags your entire hard drive, including system files.



    UltraDefrag Review

    If you regularly defragment your hard drive, you are in the minority. The long, arduous process of defragmenting, commonly known as “defragging,” can take hours, and monopolizes your computer so you can’t run any other programs. Defragging locates fragmented files and relocates them to one part of your hard drive, so your system runs faster and smoother. Using the built-in Windows defrag utilitiy doesn’t always complete the job. Some files can’t be relocated, like system files, registry hives, and paging files. So even after waiting all that time for the defragging process to complete, your hard drive may still be partially fragmented. UltraDefrag is changing the way Windows users defrag. With UltraDefrag, you can defrag your entire hard drive quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to work with a speedy optimized drive.

    Favorite Features

    UltraDefrag can defrag almost any file on your hard drive, including system files, registry hives, paging files, master file tables (MFT), and NTFS metafiles. Its simple interface makes UltraDefrag easy to use, even without reading the documentation. You can use UltraDefrag to defrag single files straight from Windows Explorer, or defrag multiple hard drives at once. Users on the go can start UltraDefrag and set it to automatically hibernate or shut down when the job is complete. You can even schedule regular defrags through Windows Task Scheduler. A portable version of UltraDefrag is available that requires no installation, so you can quickly defrag any computer. UltraDefrag runs on modern Windows versions, as well as legacy versions like Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. It has built-in support for 64-bit systems, so you can use it on almost any Windows PC. Best of all, UltraDefrag is designed to defrag much faster than the built-in Windows defrag utility, and to organize your files in the most efficient way possible, so your system will run faster than ever.

    Tips for New Users

    UltraDefrag uses a simple interface designed to be used without reading any documentation. For a quick and easy defrag, just open UltraDefrag and go. To use more advanced features like scheduling, defragging individual files, defragging multiple drives at once, or the built-in command line tool, review the UltraDefrag Handbook at the UltraDefrag web site.

    Areas of Improvement

    While UltraDefrag can defrag many more files than the built-in Windows defrag utility, there are some restrictions. For example, directories on FAT hard drives cannot be moved, and the first 16 clusters of the MFT cannot be moved on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Review the UltraDefrag Handbook for a complete list of limitations.


    UltraDefrag is the fastest, easiest, and most complete way to defrag your hard drive on a Windows system. It can defrag system files, and other files that cannot be relocated using the built-in Windows utility. It can be used to defrag multiple hard drives at once, and it can be easily accessed in Windows Explorer to defrag single files. You can schedule regular defrags, or schedule one to run on your next reboot. With UltraDefrag, you can quickly defrag and optimize your hard drive so you can get back to using your computer.

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