UMPlayer 0.98

UMPlayer is a free cross-platform media player with built-in codecs and other advanced features.


    UMPlayer Review

    “UMPlayer plays everthing!” That’s the promise proclaimed in big, bold letters across the top of UMPlayer’s web site, and it certainly appears to be true. This free, seemingly simple media player will play everything from DVDs to radio cards, and even YouTube. Its many other advanced features make it fully customizable, and even portable on some operating systems. UMPlayer is the only media player you will ever need to install.

    Favorite Features

    UMPlayer comes with over 270 built-in codecs that can handle nearly all media file types, including AAC, DIVX, FLV, VOB, OGG, and much more. So no more searching the Internet for the right codec to play your favorite media files. Do you have damaged or incomplete media files on your hard drive? No problem, UMPlayer can play them too. UMPlayer is available for Windows, Mac OS/X, and GNU/Linux operating systems, so it will work on any computer. UMPlayer works with almost any type of subtitles file, and has a built-in subtitles search. Subtitles can be configured and adjusted for delay. Audio and video filters let you crop, magnify, rotate, normalize volume, and much more. You can even use “karaoke mode” to remove voice audio. UMPlayer’s skinnable interface lets you customize your media experience. If you have to stop in the middle of watching a movie, don’t worry. UMPlayer remembers where you were, so when you open the movie file again, you can start watching right where you left off. You can even use UMPlayer to search and record videos on YouTube.

    Tips for New Users

    If YouTube videos are playing slowly, getting stuck, or “buffering” in UMPlayer, adjust the YouTube video cache settings. You can do this by selecting “Preferences” from the “Options” menu, clicking “Performance,” then selecting the “Cache” tab. Increase the cache size and videos will pre-buffer before playing, so they will play smoothly every time. If videos appear too dark in UMPlayer, make sure your video card drivers are up to date. You can also try clicking the “Equalizer” button, selecting the “Video” tab, and checking the “Use software video equalizer” option.

    Areas of Improvement

    UMPlayer is available for a variety of different operating systems, however, not all features are available on all operating system versions. For example, the portable version of UMPlayer only works on Windows systems, as well as the CPU optimization option. Certain outputs will only work on certain operating systems. For example, DirectX and DirectSound outputs only work on Windows, and Alsa and PulseAudio outputs only work on Linux operating systems. Check the UMPLayer web site’s “Features” page to find out which features will work on your operating system.


    UMPlayer is the free media player that plays everything. With hundreds of preinstalled codecs, customizable skins, subtitle configuration, audio and video filters, and many more advanced features, UMPlayer has it all. Check to see which features will work on your operating system, then download UMPlayer for free. You’ll never need to install another codec or media player again.

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