UNetbootin 5.8.1

UNetbootin is a free, simple program that lets you create a bootable USB flash drive using preinstalled Linux distributions, or your own ISO file.


    UNetbootin Review

    It’s happened to the best of us: Your computer won’t boot, and you’ve lost your Linux operating system installation CD. You can’t go online to download a new copy, so you’re stuck with a dead computer. With UNetbootin, that won’t happen to you again. You can use UNetbootin to create a bootable Live USB flash drive, so you can boot your computer, or reinstall your operating system in case of an emergency. You can use your bootable USB flash drive to do a “frugal install” of any Linux operating system, or run system utilities like Parted Magic, SystemRescueCD, Super Grub Disk, and more.

    Favorite Features

    UNetbootin comes preinstalled with distributions of Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux operating systems, and lets you use your own ISO file from a CD or download. While designed for Linux operating systems, UNetbootin also runs on Windows and Mac OS X. You can create a bootable USB flash drive, or create a backup on your hard drive for easy reinstallation of your operating system. UNetbootin can also be used to run system maintenance like repartitioning your hard drive with Parted Magic, running a system repair, backup, or recovery with SystemRescueCD, and removing malware with Dr. Web Antivirus. UNetbootin is portable, so you can carry it with you on a CD, flash drive, or SD card, and create a bootable disk from anywhere.

    Tips for New Users

    While UNetbootin does run on Windows and Mac OS X, it can only be used to boot or reinstall Linux operating systems. If you’re running UNetbootin in Windows and you want to install a Linux operating system on your hard drive, make sure your drive is formatted as FAT32. It is strongly recommended that new users view UNetbootin’s wiki for detailed instructions before attempting to use UNetbootin.

    Areas of Improvement

    UNetbootin is a very simple tool which seems to be designed for advanced users who wish to create a backup drive for their Linux operating systems. As a result, its interface can be confusing to new users. Make sure you read the wiki before attempting to install from a UNetbootin created USB flash drive.


    At some point, everyone ends up in a situation where a computer won’t boot and there’s no installation CD in sight. Use UNetbootin to create a bootable Live USB flash drive, and you won’t find yourself in that situation again. You can create your own bootable drive from any ISO file, or use one of UNetbootin’s preinstalled Linux distributions. Read the UNetbootin wiki and follow the instructions to create your bootable drive, and learn how to boot or install from it when the time comes. With a little research, UNetbootin can be a very useful tool for Linux users who like to be prepared. So don’t’ get stuck with a computer that won’t boot. Download UNetbootin before it’s too late.

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