VirtualDub 1.9.11

VirtualDub is a free video utility for Windows that can capture video via digital or analog sources as well as edit.


    VirtualDub Review

    VirtualDub is a free video utility for Windows that allows you to capture and convert video from various sources. The utility also includes a variety of basic editing features. There is also an export feature that allows you to export your project into a variety of different formats.

    Favorite Features


    VirtualDub allows you to capture digital or analog video, so long as your capture device is Video for Windows compatible. The utility can also be used for video file conversion to AVI from other supported video formats. You can monitor a variety of conditions as you are capturing video, including your current free disk space and CPU usage. VirtualDub features an easy to use interface with keyboard shortcuts to help streamline the capturing process.


    VirtualDub is a basic video editing tool which allows you to add and delete segments from video files. There are a variety of filters native to VirtualDub including size reduction (2:1), deinterlace, and flipping the video. Additional video filters are available from the VirtualDub user community.


    VirtualDub allows you to export your video to a variety of formats, including still image sequences of BMP, JPG or TGA files. The application also supports ripping audio in WAV format or creating animated GIFs from any video sequence.

    Tips for New Users

    Create a test video in VirtualDub by going to “Tools” and selected “Create Test Video.” This will create a 10 second long AVI file that you can then use to familiarize yourself with the rest of VirtualDub’s features.

    Areas for Improvement

    VirtualDub is run directly from the VirtualDub.exe executable file, rather than installed like most other applications. This may prove problematic if you are not very tech savvy or would like VirtualDub to be accessible from the Windows Start menu without having to manually place a shortcut. A full installation of VirtualDub could make it easier to use for some

    VirtualDub’s editing capabilities are limited, lacks other key editing elements like mixing and transitions. While VirtualDub’s creator acknowledges that this is intentional, a few more basic editing features could make VirtualDub a viable standard video editor.


    VirtualDub is a useful video capture and editing utility. While it is unsuitable as an all-around video editing tool, its basic video capture and editing capabilities still make it an indispensable tool in a digital video enthusiast’s toolbox.

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