VLC Media Player 2.0.3

VLC is a free, simple media player that plays just about everything from media files to DVDs and audio CDs, no codecs required.


    VLC is a powerful media player that allows you to enjoy just about any type of audio or video file, regardless of origin. You can transform the video in a variety of different ways within the player. Furthermore, VLC can also capture video from a variety of sources.

    Favorite Features


    One of VLC’s biggest strengths is its ability to play a variety of different media formats. It handles CD/DVD/Blu-Ray playback as well as a variety of media files including popular .mp3 and .avi filetypes as well as lesser known .ogg and .mkv files. Most notably, it does this all without needing to download additional codecs, making it ideal for non-technical users.


    For more advanced users, VLC offers various audio and video effects, including image adjustment, sharpening and overlays. For example, you can choose to play video back in a sepia tone or insert a psychedelic effect.

    Video Capture

    More than just a video player, VLC media player can be used to create video from a variety of sources. By choosing the Convert/Save function, you can create an audio or video file from any source, including an optical disc, a stream, or another video file. For example, you can open an existing .avi file and convert it into an MP4 file. Novice users can choose from a variety of preset media profiles while advanced users can further customize the output by tweaking the encapsulation, video/audio codec and subtitle settings.

    Tips for New Users

    Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with VLC’s interface. You can choose the interface that best suits your viewing style. For example, VLC offers a minimal interface that removes the menu, allowing you a clear view of the video until you right click to bring up a clickable menu. Alternatively, you can choose to customize your toolbars for direct access to the playback tools you use most.

    Areas for Improvement

    VLC offers an integrated snapshot feature that allows you to take an image of the scene you are watching. While valuable, this feature is cumbersome to use as it is accessible via menu only, meaning that you have to pause the video and then manually access the Video menu and choose “Take Snapshot” option for every screenshot you take. A key command or better yet, a hot key for Snapshots would be a welcome addition.


    VLC is a media application for the casual user and the media enthusiast. Casual users can enjoy VLC media player’s easy to use, versatile playback options while media enthusiasts will appreciate VLC’s more robust features include its capture/save and video transformation options. VLC is well worth the download for any platform.

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