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Warzone 2100 is a free 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game in which you command forces in a battle to rebuild the world after a nuclear holocaust in the year 2100.

    Warzone 2100 Review

    In a bleak dystopian future, mankind has been almost completely obliterated by a barrage of nuclear missiles accidentally fired by an advanced US defense system. Now, with less than one million survivors remaining on the planet, scavenger bands constantly battle each other for control of what’s left of civilization. One small group of survivors who call themselves “The Project” are working to rebuild the world. They must fight through the warring scavenger bands to reclaim technologies from before the “Collapse.” In Warzone 2100, you command “The Project” in retrieving lost technology and working to toward a peaceful new future. Through three campaigns, you defend your team against attacks by scavengers as you journey through rough terrain to complete your objectives. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

    Favorite Features

    Unlike other RTS games, Warzone 2100 focuses on technology, including artillery, radar, vehicles, and counter-battery technologies. Players can discover new technologies and upgrade items through research. A variety of sensors detect enemy units and artillery to help coordinate attacks, and radar detects enemy sensors. Use vehicles, weapons, and even cyborgs to defend against scavengers and launch strategic attacks. Play a single player campaign, or start a multiplayer online skirmish.

    Tips for New Users

    For best performance, be sure to update your graphics driver before running Warzone 2100. Out-of-date drives can cause the game to run slowly. The developers recommend following these tips while playing Warzone 2100:
    1. Use all of the mission timer. If you find yourself with extra time, use it to let your cash tick up, replace your forces with new technologies, or set up defenses at key locations.
    2. Order your units to retreat if their health gets too low. “Retreat at Medium Damage” is the recommended setting.
    3. Save often. The developers recommend saving at least three times per game, just in case.

    Areas of Improvement

    The latest version of Warzone 2100 is currently in the testing phase, and is not an official release. This means you’re likely to run into a few bugs or issues along the way. An “issue tracker” is available at the Warzone 2100 web site, where you can get help with common issues, or report a new issue. Warzone 2100’s forum is another great place to find answers to your questions about the game.


    In the year 2100, you are the world’s best hope for rebuilding civilization. You must lead “The Project” to complete their missions and fight off scavengers along the way. With a multitude of different technologies at your disposal, you can command, strategize, and research your way to a new and better future for mankind. Just be sure to use all of your mission timer, retreat if your health gets too low, and save as often as possible. The survivors of the Collapse are waiting for your help. Start playing Warzone 2100 before it’s too late.

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