WinDjView 2.0.1

WinDjView is a free, fast, and compact DjVu file viewer for Windows.


    WinDjView Review

    Most experts agree that PDF is the most efficient file type for posting documents online, e-mailing them, and sharing them across a network. PDFs are portable, relatively small files that look the same on every computer screen, and cannot be easily manipulated. However, high quality PDFs can be bulky, and PDF viewing programs are slow to load, and can eat up your computer’s memory. Recently a new file type, DjVu (pronounced déjà vu), has emerged as a tough competitor for PDF files. DjVu files download faster, display and render faster, look nicer on the screen, and use less memory than PDF, TIFF, and even JPEG files. DjVu images display instantly and zoom and pan smoothly, without lengthy re-rendering. DjVu files are currently in use by hundreds of web sites, and may one day become the web standard for document files. Now you can join the DjVu revolution WinDjView, a free and simple DjVu file viewer with many features you can use to customize your DjVu experience.

    Favorite Features

    WinDjView has a simple interface similar to Adobe Reader. Tabbed documents make it easy to view multiple DjVu files at once. You can view a single page or continuous layout, and even group facing pages, to easily scroll through documents. Clickable contents and hyperlinks make it easy to browse long documents. Add bookmarks and annotations for future reference. Zoom in, rotate, or adjust brightness and contrast for a better view of any DjVu document. You can even export DjVu files as BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or JPEG files for easy sharing with friends who haven’t yet joined the DjVu revolution. WinDjView can be associated with DjVu files in Windows Explorer, so you can quickly open any DjVu file with a double-click.

    Tips for New Users

    If you’ve ever used Adobe Reader (and most people have), you should already be familiar with the similar layout of WinDjView. For help with any of its more advanced features, visit the WinDjView forums, where you can get tips and advice from experienced users.

    Areas of Improvement

    While WinDjView works great for viewing DjVu files, and converting them to other file types, it currently does not support converting other file types to DjVu. While DjVu files are clearly superior to PDF files, they are not quite popular enough to be easily found on the web. If you would like to convert your own files to DjVu format, you will need to use Any2DjVu, a free web tool that lets you convert any file type to DjVu.


    For everyone who hates waiting for PDF files to download, load, and render, there is a better way. DjVu files are the faster, clearer, and all-around better web standard of the future. WinDjView is the free, simple way to quickly and easily view DjVu files. WinDjView opens DjVu files instantly, and provides many options to customize your view. So join the DjVu revolution today, and download WinDjView.

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