WinSCP 4.3.9

WinSCP is an FTP client that supports secure FTP protocols and offers integration with popular telnet/SSH clients.

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    WinSCP is a robust FTP client which features support for secure FTP transfers using SFTP, SCP and FTP. Its drag and drop interface offers two layouts to choose from the first inspired by Windows Explorer and a second that shows both local and remote files in parallel. For advanced users, WinSCP offers command line options, terminal and PuTTY integration.

    Favorite Features

    Secure Protocol

    WinSCP supports secure FTP protocols, including FTP using TLS/SSH, SFTP (Secure FTP) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol). The default method of connection is SFTP with SCP, but you can also connect using SSL over FTP.


    WinSCP offers drag and drop support, allowing you to easily download or upload files. You can also choose between an interface that resembles Microsoft Windows Explorer or Norton Commander.

    PuTTY Integration

    WinSCP integrates with PuTTY, a popular telnet/SSH client. You can choose to open PuTTY directly from WinSCP by navigating to Commands and choosing “Open in PuTTY”. This will open your current session in PuTTY.

    Tips for New Users

    WinSCP allows you to customize various portions of the application, including tool bars as well as local and remote panel information. Taking the time to streamline these options can help streamline your WinSCP experience.

    If you are more comfortable navigating directories using the command line, enable the Command Line functionality by navigating to Options and checking “Command Line” or by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N.

    Areas for Improvement

    PuTTY integration is dependent on having it preinstalled on your system but PuTTY is a separate installation. A WinSCP bundle that includes a PuTTY may be helpful in this instance.

    WinSCP offers the ability to have multiple sessions open but only shows one active session in the open window. A tabbed interface could help with this. Additionally, WinSCP can store previous session information but does not have a manager to organize connection information which would be helpful.


    WinSCP is a robust FTP client for secure FTP sessions. The options to open in Terminal and PuTTY may appeal to advanced users but lack of easy connection management makes it less suited for novice users. Unless you require the PuTTY and Terminal integration, other FTP clients like FileZilla are easier to use and support secure FTP protocols.

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